Disconnected while entering StarCraft2


I am in Hong Kong server.
Every time when I start StarCraft 2, I got disconnected from my sky computer.


Hi there,

This is added already to our bug list and we are still working on a fix for this.
We appreciate your feedback and we hope you will be able to use LiquidSky and have a flawless experience soon.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Me too… tried Europe and Americas


@bc272f2ec57ff2957481, we are aware of this concern and still working on a fix. The update made it quite difficult to launch SC2 in SkyComputer.



Heroes of the Storm (same engine) also crashes the skycomputer when you try to open it. Any update on this issue? I’d really like to play SC2 and Heroes of the Storm.


Hi Arrow, these games are already added in our list of games that our developers will be looking into.


You can add total War Warhammer 2 to that list as well.