Do You Recommend Buying LiquidSky?


I'm not sure if it worths


Only you can answer that question. It is worth for me but you might have another opinion. You should either get a free trial or buy a few credits to test it.


Definitely test it first. Depends a lot on location relative to Liquid Sky servers, your Internet connection, your home network. What games you want to play, etc.

It's been a great experience for me but I'm not playing any 2016 AAA games, I'm close to a datacenter and I fought my ISP for a month to get them to fix my latency issues :slight_smile:

But it's definitely worth buying some credits and having a go at it :slight_smile:


Ok thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I will test it!


Like the others, i would say give it a shot. If you had a great experience and the price seems right to you, go for it !


@Nadejde Is there any post where you describe your experience while "fighting" your ISP? Would be nice to know how you did it.

@AGGA68 Also if you are short on money, ping Softlayer's datacenters to see if they have a datacenter close to your location.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Have a look here:

In my case I was getting lost packages at first and the issue was with them in one of their nodes. They fixed it but they don't monitor for this kind of things and they only act when you call them out on it. After that I was still having lag spikes and they came in again and change some cables that went into my master socket and that fixed it. I still don't get the speed that they advertised I would get but it's good enough and I'm afraid that they'll break something else if I keep complaining about the speed:D

I use a software called ping plotter. This monitors a host and all the intermediate hops every 1/2s and shows a nice graph of what your times are so you can see spikes, packet loss etc.
You can find addresses of all the liquid sky datacenters in this list:
London is: I would suggest you use the speed test tool on the page as well to make sure you have enough bandwith to the specific datacenter. Is that enough to play?
Start ping plotter and monitor two addresses at once. One would be the London LiquidSky data center (or the Milan one). Another can be your local ISP provider address. Look at the two graphs side by side. Are you seeing alot of packet loss. Do you have regular ping spikes? Are they on both graphs (are you also experiencing packet loss or lag spykes using a local address?). If you get the same with a local address then you can complain to your ISP to fix your connection. If everything is fine locally but the liquid sky ping is erratic then you might have to wait for a closer datacenter, or perhaps try another ISP.
Good Luck!
Edit: I assume you are using a wired connection into your router and that there's no problems on your won network (Like not trying to play over a 2.4Ghz wifi network while your sister is streaming netflix or youtube clips in the other room over the same network kind of stuff :))!!!


If you have a good internet connection, don't want to use the Android App with a Gamepad, but a windows pc, don't expect LS to respond your questions and are near a datacenter , then absolutely yes :slight_smile:

Positive: The service works very good (Here in Switzerland), the monthly cost are ok (if you think 40$ x 24month = 960$ is like you would buy a good pc every two years :slight_smile: )

Negative: (I know it's still on beta) The Android and Mac Client are still full of bug's and LS doesn't answer very well to known issues or the status of the new client. It's a little bit annoying to wait without information, it's like waiting for a new gaming console without release date and information's.


I used London speed test on softlayer and the ping is about 30/40 ms


I have high speed cable internet access, a brand new phone, & only 25 miles away from nearest servers.

For me, it seemed like a good choice and it was.


Thanks, I bought it and it was a good choice :relaxed:


Liquid Sky has many advantages and many disadvantages. For example if you plan on playing BF1 , CoD etc I would avoid Liquid Sky. The added latency can and will affect your shoot time. On the flip side if you play slower paced games like Civilization, Hearthstone etc you will find Liquid Sky works very well. I have in the past played Wow on Liquid Sky and the game runs very well. However playing that same game in PvP mode is difficult. You will find yourself being taken down quickly while trying to hit the buttons with nothing happening.


I just play for fun, I don't mind dying :slight_smile:


I PvP just fine in WoW and I have 60ms. WoW feels fine up to 100ms and it's only above that that you start noticing the small delay, especially in the key spamming chaos that is pvp :slight_smile:


Yes, I played Overwatch and I couldn't notice lag :slight_smile:


Yes, I feel it is very much worth it. Even more so now since it's on sale for Black Friday weekend. You can get the Unlimited Plan for $19.99 for I think the first 3 months. Can't beat that, it's worth the $39.99 price so $19.99 makes it even more sweet!

But test it first to make sure it can work well where you live. $19.99 is a great deal but don't want you wasting it if LiquidSky doesn't run well for you.


how to get key ? can you help :innocent:


Sorry, I don't have keys. But you can buy minimum amount of credits to test and (if it works) and then buy the gamer plan (or unlimited) at the promotional price.