Does LiquidSky Block Tor?


I just noticed that if my IP address appears to be using Tor, the client will block me from logging in. I would like to know if LiquidSky has any policy related to using Tor? If Tor is indeed blocked, I really hope LiquidSky relax this limitation.

I know it is stupid to use LiquidSky via Tor due to its seriously slow bandwidth, but I never actually used Tor. In fact, I am running a Tor node (contributors who provide Tor service to others) and my connection to LiquidSky is fast enough to enjoy the games. So I feel unfair that I got blocked.


Well the developers did implement a VPN ban for the service due to people spoofing their datacenter match. Tor to my knowledge is like a VPN in that it bounces your connection around, so perhaps that’s it.


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