Does liquidsky increase pc lifetime?


Let’s discuss about this: what if your pc is hardly able to get a game run smooth (but can play it)… I bet it will ruin your hardware if it’s not enough powerful… But, what if you NEVER USE your pc to play game (for example, let’s say you have a cheap laptop that supports at least minecraft) would liquidsky increase it’s lifetime? Because if I don’t play anything anymore on the cheap potato pc then it will not suffer and probably won’t die too fast… Or I’m wrong? What do you people think?


Well eventually you will hit a roadblock due to new Windows OS versions and (its rare - hardware failure caused by normal wear and tear)


Long as your components have sufficient cooling, you can lag away without worry. Unfortunately, many big box PCs come up short in this department. Heat is what kills, not the act of using your hardware to its fullest in and of itself.


Thermal throttling can’t hit much easily to the hardware if they are used casually.


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