Does PUBG work with liquidsky



I’m thinking about buying liquidsky and Playerunknown’s battleground. But i’ve seen a lot of people having a mouse issue in game? It’s interfering with the anti-cheat system in game. Is this a global problem?

Give me your honest opinion if it’s worth buying liquidsky for PUBG.

Thank you!!


There’s no issue with the mouse, But You have about 1 FPS on gamer so if you buy it you’ll be limited to only using Pro server.


The mouse issues you are talking about are probably the gamer mouse or hardware acceleration options you get with LS, make sure they are both turned on and you will be able to use PUBG fine.


Gamer Mouse mode need to be turned OFF, and then you hit F12 (or the F12 setting under the menu).

Pro plan only, and I would use the lowest settings to get more FPS out of it. Also change it from 60 FPS to Unlimited.


Thank you for all the info! I’ve bought myself the bundle + PUBG. Too bad the servers are down :frowning:


PUBG works fine, good luck on using LiquidSky tho LUL


Yeah, i picked the wrong time to get it… :s


PUBG works fine on PRO I run it on ultra and get between 40-60 fps at all times. The only thing I have a problem with is the mouse shortcut which sometimes doesn’t let you lock the mouse which you need to do after the lobby screen. In which case you then have to close the game and relaunch and hope it lets you lock the mouse


When the F12 key is not working, ALT TAP to desktop, open the chrome browser and hit F12, TAP back to the game and F12 works again! (o;


PUBG on liquidsky works fine on PRO server)


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