Doest the LiquidSky client on Mac need to be installed or does it run like an executable on windows?


Doest the LiquidSky client on Mac need to be installed or does it run like an executable on windows?


Hi dude,

Pretty much the same as must Mac stuff, You download a .DMG, open the file and drag Liquidsky Application into your Applications folder.

Not installation Process just the Drag in and double click Application


So the answer, like predicted and just tested is... you have to install it... unlike the windows client it won't just run like an executable... benefit of windows vs mac


While yes, you have to install it on a Mac, I find it to be a much greater benefit than running the executable in Windows. I would prefer installing it on Windows and having easy access to it so I can quickly access it through the Start Menu or Taskbar. Having to add a random executable to the Start Menu and Taskbar is a pain. Plus, since it is only an executable on Windows, it saves updated files, etc, to whichever directory you start it from. I find it quite annoying to have a random executable with random files floating around in my Documents or Downloads folder. I wish you could just install it :wink:


they will update so you can instal it later... I got the option randomly one time while running it... but there are plenty of benefits of having a exe version as well esp if you travel alot and want to experiment on another computer... I sue cameyo to make some apps exe's and they are capable of saving the app in a state where you are already logged in


Cool, I hope they allow you to install it with their big March update.

I can certainly see where it would be a benefit using it as a simple exe, but I don’t travel much so it’s not a big concern for me.

In a sense, installing it on macOS is akin to an exe (aside from any files it may place in your Library directory when you run the app). You can have it run from any folder you wish, and when you are done with it, you can simply delete it. I imagine you could also keep it on a flash drive and run it on any Mac from there, though I’ve never attempted such a thing.