Dont know about you but I still hadnt 1hr of decent play


Well I purchased SkyCredits and still did not have any hour of smooth play. Best I had was like 20 minutes. First of all I got minimal blurs or lag spikes, they were minimal but still was a problem. Now I cant even do anything. Each time I turn on the game sound gets corrupted. Video goes to blur, mouse responds after 10 seconds. If I'm in desktop ms is normal 40-50ms. If I start game it goes to 1000ms or even more. Sometimes ms stays same, but I still get big lags. Now in 3 days it was basically impossible for me to play. I have 10Mbps internet. I tried 720@30. I tried changing to Software. I tried lowering resolution. I tried these data centers - Milan, Frankfurt, London. Nothing helped.


I generally took 10 SkyCredits - looked and realized that does not make sense right now to use LiquidSky:
weak the GPU, DC not closer me (close Frankfurt - 1100km, and this very bad) - it makes sense to not spend, and to wait the end of Q1 2017, as I do.


Please for everyone post everything you know about your computer connected such as ethernet or wireless and do you run other devices on your network like a smartphone and we also need to know your PC specs which could also be slowing you down such as not enough ram, slow processor, slow video card. For more help; please describe in detail how you connect to the internet and your computer's specs and then maybe we can see what the issue is.


Do you have Auto-Quality on? Unticking the box and setting the bar around 6/12 makes the connection set around 700 kb/s so with 10Mbps I guess your limit should be at 9/12. I play 720@30 on a crappy 8mbps adsl connection (post WW2 copper cabling :S) and leave some free bandwidth so my internet speed drops don't go below the bandwidth the client uses. Since you don't have 20Megs+, I also advise you not to use your internet for other heavy uses like youtube or any downloading as you will fill your bandwidth and steal from LS's bandwidth which will cause tearing, sound crackling or even occasionally loss of audio sync. This is valid for all devices connected to your network. If you have QoS options on your router I advise to enable them so other devices don't trample on your PCs bandwidth. You cannot buffer the feed so it is vital that you have a stable connection to the server.


Yes some times, same here, when my family is whit the smartphone