Doom 4: frame rate


I have enabled FPS counter on Doom 4, the game graphic is set to low (OpenGL). Is it possible that at the same level graph, no change anything, sometime I start the game and I have 60fps fixed, sometimes I have 40fps, sometime 15fps and even also 7-8fps? If I want a better frame rate I need to restart the game, but it does not always work. Which can be the cause?


Hi @Rockson01,

Have you already tried setting the FPS to Infinite in the SkyComputer settings?

Also do you experience the same thing happening when you try playing other games?


Change API setting to from OpenGL to Vulkan and you will get constant 60 Fps and sometime 30 Fps. But there is a little hiccup that freeze screen about 2 seconds sometime when you play along the game

Still much better than play doom at 15 Fps. I have this problem too and finish played it on Vulkan.


how do you set fps to infinite? I have the android version (TV box android).
I have not tried other games for a long time, Doom 4 is the first I’m trying on Liquidsky.

I think the problem is Doom4, what I do not understand is because sometime it works great at 60fps, others at 40fps, other times under 10fps without having modified anything, only by restarting it. Maybe I should update the video drivers?


The drivers of the skycomputers are in the process of being upgraded, along with the new GPU upgrade coming. But currently there is no way for you to update the drivers themselves on your end. You’ll have to wait for the patch to come, sadly.


If you are using steam to launch doom4, opting in to latest steam client beta could help with the screen flashes/stutter. If you haven’t already.

Is your windows on skycomputer activated?
I think the importance of this is being under estimated regarding how much it can improve gaming performance, stability and reliability. Many game servers will treat you as second class citizen if you are using unactivated windows.


See my reply to your other claim there. If you have proof of what you say is true then please present it. I have no other reason to see why what you claim is true currently.


Android version doesn’t have the unlomted framerate option.

As for preformance without changing anything, yeah, unfortunately this is a known issue with this type of server setup where each user can effect each other performance. Liquidsky has been working on a solution to this for a very long time and it may still be a long time until it is completely fixed but it looks like they are close to fixing this issue.


AFAIK all Android phones except one (the Razer Phone) are locked to 60 Hz, so more wouldn’t make sense. On PCs, 144 Hz monitors are way more common, I guess that’s why they have to unlimited option.


I have a android device hooked up to a 120hz TV so there are quite a few exeptions really.


Ah ok, interesting. Does it run at 120 Hz when connected to the TV?

Doom demo frame drop

No idea. If I can find content that runs over 60fps and a way to measure it I’d be able to answer that.


Here you go :wink:


Turns out no. No it does not. I have other devices I can check but I am kinda doubting any of them would at this moment either.


Today Doom 4 run at 15fps on OpenGl, medium details. Set to Vulkan it run at 60fps. But what is incredible is that yesterday it ran at 60fps also on OpenGL.


Might be server congestion. If there’s a lot going on, performance goes down. They’re working on improving that, though.


But at the same time (when in OpenGL is 15fps) on Vulkan api the frame rate is 60fps, so I think it could also depend on the game.

The problem of Doom 4 could be this:


@Rockson01 Good find.


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