DOOM on LiquidSky 2.0 – Hell On Mars (17 likes and 666 views)the community votes ;)


DOOM on LiquidSky 2.0 – Hell On Mars

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Support me Fellows!!!


If I'm gonna win I'm gonna put the rewards and I'm gonna unbox them !!! with you all live.


Come one where are the old DOOM Fans!!! and the New Fans!! Show me some love!!!


I never won anything in my life and I said maybe in the future.. :smiley: liquidsky is my future !!!


Wow Nice video brother.


I'm very sorry for the trial version on screen .... but I'm keeping my money for liquidsky.


Good job:) Now I'm trying Witcher 3, but I have some internet connection problem and streaming is not so good. I want to try Quake Champions but it's need quick and stable internet. Wright now for me LS is just something to test.


I've spent >60 hours so far on Witcher 3, and I'm close to the end of the main campaign. Provided your stream is stable, it'S working beautifully most of the time. Gamer plan can run it on Ultra detail with 40+ fps (much better already than PS4), while Pro plan gives you 60 fps.


Hey, did you tried Dooms.


When 2.0 started Witcher ran with 60+ fps. :frowning:
When they fixed the GPU sharing issue and we received the reduced GPU performance, I have uninstalled it. Can't play it with 30-40FPS.


I'm using only samsung s8 and dex station... I can't tray it on 2.0 only android beta. My internet is LTE between 30 and 50 Mb, no different between streaming settings all the time have some lag, micro stopping. Ping to german server 40 - 70ms.


I don't think it ever ran with 60+ fps on Gamer. I've been playing Witcher 3 since the 2.0 release, and Fraps has always reported an average of 40-50 fps, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. When the RAM was reduced to 4 GB, the game was nearly crippled, down to almost unplayable 12-15 fps sometimes. But with 5 GB, and especially now with 6 GB, everything's fine again.
Once they've implement the AMD Vega gpu this fall, things might be different, though. I'd expect the game to run at stable 60 fps then.


But it did. When we had the trouble of starting VMs. I even posted screenshots and benchmarks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even The Division was running with 70. Now it's running with 30-40.
But hey, we know. They fixed the GPU sharing bug, and thus the performance has been reduced, no wonder.


Thanks for supporting me and liquidsky :smiley:


Nice :slight_smile:

Also, try using OBS for recording!


I use the liquidsky recorder should be fine i think


Thanks for supporting a Greek 17 years old kid :slight_smile:


I bough some effect too.


Nice video, hope you send is some more.