Download speed on Steam limited?


Hi there,

I am using this service for the first time and have bought 10 Skycredits to test it out.
What i find strange is that it seems that the Steam downloads are kind of limited or throttled in speed.

I am using a SkyPC in Frankfurt and its downloading its content from the Steam Cdn in Frankfurt.
When i start a download the first 5GB of the download are going 600-700 Mbps, but if it surpassed 5GB the download seems to get limited to 4 Mbps, and stays that way, no matter if you try a later time or choose an other steam cdn.

I am download killingfloor 2 at the moment and its 15 GB, i wasted 1.50 EUR on skycredits so far only to still download the game it seems that my first 5 skycredits already are gone, before the game is completed with downloading.

This is getting too expensive this way, if i need to pay 3 Euros to download a game on steam. because the speed it getting throttled at 4 Mbps.

If download for a test the game home, from the same steam Cdn and time i get 100 Mbps download speed (my max ISP speed) so it seems not a limitation on Steams end in my case.

Does everybody else have this kind of issue, is my sky pc borked? or was the London location a better choice to house my SkyPC.

PS: the speedtest is giving 1Gbps on the SkyPC. that why i am suspecting network limiting and not capacity problems.


Little Update,

Seems that this issue is related to the Frankfurt location, when i made a SkyPC in London everything is fine, regarding download speed.

That was 4 skycredits wasted... :frowning:
Only having the glitches and stuttering like i read more on the forums, this make gaming impossible atm.
Hope they sort that kind off issues out soon.


You know I am connected to the Dallas server and have a similar problem. I can download steam games at a high constant rate on my own desktop but when I use LS to download my Steam games; it just starts out really fast as it should and then it would slow down severely down to around 5-10mbps and does that for the rest of the download. I have unlimited so I can just start it and leave it till I get kicked off from being idle for 30 mins then I will just come back later and start my LS PC and let steam resume downloading and just repeat until all my downloads are done. This is a major pain but I can kind of understand why they may throttle steam. Here is my theory; most stem games (New ones most) can be 20+ GBs and if they let that speed go as high as possible; it would chew their bandwidth and cost them more to run LS and it may even slow it down for other users.


Only one big disadvantage regarding this approach is for Skycredits users.
I have the Pay as you go plan, to test this service. So i bought 10 credits and already spend 4 to only download Killing floor 2 from steam, that is 2 dollars for a Game Download, and then i didn't even stress their GPU yet to render the game. For me thats a lot of money only for a Data Transfer In this case.

I can understand if you have a Unlimited plan, this is not so big of a deal, the timeout you get after 30 min idle and get kicked you can only lose time with that, not Credits.

i hope that LS spend some attention to this, i don't expect 1 Gbit steam downloads, but more than 200 Mbps is not so much to ask, for 0.50 Dollar per hour?


Hey buddy, I have figured out how to fix any problems with throttling. Just follow this link and ready my post! :slight_smile:


I give it a shot tonight and see if it helps :slight_smile:
I didn't know this setting could affect steam downloads with LS, i thought if only steam in home streaming was running your data transfer get limited.


I think LS uses most of your data to give you high quality games so not much is left for Steam. That post is just a suggestion and may work. It worked for me.