Downloading Games


When I get LiquidSky I want to download steam and than GTAV. Is there a way I can download GTAV on my regular windows and then drag it to the LiquidSky windows or is waiting for GTAV to download on LiquidSky window the only way to download it, I am asking because I don't want to waste my hours waiting for a big game to download.


You need to download into liquidsky


So I can't just download on my windows and than drag it into the Liquidsky window?


You can't Liquidsky and your pc haven't got the same hdd disc its a diferent pc


You can't drag and drop at the moment. Luckily, Liquidsky has blazing fast speeds! Honestly, it only took me around 20 minutes to download GTA V on my SkyPC (or around that. it was a while ago! But trust's faster than anything you've ever seen).


I average speeds of around 50-60 mbps (in the free beta, which has a cap of 100mbps), so yeah, you won't waste much time downloading stuff on liquidsky.
The gamer and unlimited have 1gbps download, which is blazing fast!

Would probably take you more to find the perfect settings on your skypc though, just so you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


That's way to much impossible. idk if there is any program like transferring games instantly from cloud drive.
What an easiest life hack I imagine.


What server are you using and what state are you from. I'm from New York and will probably use Washington D.C servers, will they be as fast as that?


As long as you have decent internet connection.


Can't say about that mate, not from the states. I'm sure others who have tried out your server can help you with that.


The only limiting factor is Steam's bandwidth speed. From google drive I can download at 100mb/s using LS while from Steam it don't go after 40mb/s for me unfortunately.


What is considered decent internet connection?


How to download GTA v in liquidsky?


Buy the game e.g GTA V on Steam


Give me a beta key in my email id