Dragon Age Inquisition - Camera moves randomly


Hello folks,

Got a quite annoying issue here with Dragon Age Inquisition. When I rotate my camera in the game, sometimes it starts rotating continuously and randomly all of a sudden.

Rotating the camera in the game is done moving the mouse while holding right click button. I have noticed that the random rotations happens when the mouse pointer reaches the borders of the screen.

Is this a known issue? Do we have any solutions to fix it?

On my own, I have tried using a different screen resolution both locally and on skycomputer, trying a new mouse, disabling gamer-mode mouse, fullscreen or window-mode liquidsky but with no luck. It is related either to the game or the skycomputer itself.

Thank you!


Have you already tried it on borderless windowed mode?


Yes, doesn’t make any difference. If you get the pointer to the border, it keeps rotating continuously. Could it be that I need some driver installed on the machine?


Try this?


Hello! Tried that in all possible combinations and no luck.

Either way, hitting F12 is not advised in Dragon Age because it hides the cursor and it is not playable that way. You need to have the cursor to run.

Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you!


I don’t see anyone else having an issue.
If you can check on another device to see if this problem can be reproduced.

Did changing mouse sensitivity/DPI do anything?


Try running LiquidSky in fullscreen (F11)… I’ve observed that running it on windowed mode (even on maximized), the mouse goes astray a lot like its going back to your local computer’s desktop.

Edit: And which OS are you on?


I have this problem too. The only solution I found is playing with xbox controller.


Changed sensitivity/dpi, no change :frowning: I tried full-screen and also no change.

I’m running on windows 10 installed in my macbook pro 13’. I believe it is related to the game it-self, it literally starts rotating when you hold the right click button and then move as if you want to make mouse pointer go towards the border of the screen. Once it reaches the border, it starts rotating, as-if the position of mouse is reseted to the centre of the screen.

Are any of you, the support people, able to try out Dragon Age Inquisition on a sky computer and see if you experience it also?



I’m getting this issue too, I am running Windows 10, I tried Guild Wars 2 and WoW and both function fine with the mouse drag camera… Did you manage to find a fix @CatalinRmc ?