E3 starter gift from Uplay


E3 has crawled to us this summer and is the good time to celebrate with new games coming to chilled us out.
Games like Battlefield 5,The crew 2, etc are just the gold out of nowhere.
Well, E3 has just started and new games are coming to shake us…Beware of that!!! :laughing:
I am excited too, maybe you guys also. Let’s make this excitation going on with this great freebie deal from ubisoft.:rofl:

Click the below link and grab your copy of FOR HONOR for free.

And also don’t forget to join the beta update of The Division 2.

Edit: For Lazy guys out there (Just kidding!!)
Here’s the link


Assassins Creed Odyssey is incoming too!

Everybody and everything seems to be going beta mad!

A wee look see at new Division

Updates for the updates to fix the bugs in the updated updates. Are we ever going to be updated?


So many promising new games, 2018 and beyond are gonna be pretty sweet years for gaming.


True that.I hope that both ac origins and new ac will be playable.Ac origins soon and new ac after launch


I should’ve done a search before posting…LOL


I saw your thread. Lol!! :sweat_smile:


Wow, thanks for warning us to this, i’m a huge fan of The Division and i also like For Honor, so it’s good to have at least 1 new game to play (2, if i get The Division 2 beta)


How enter my count for steeam


You need to use Uplay, not Steam. Anyway, I’m not sure the giveaway is even valid anymore. :thinking:


Has anyone alredy got The Division 2 beta? I didn’t, i’m just too excited, this and the big update that is about to happen to h1z1, what will revert all changes after the combat update.


As far as I know its going to be a private beta, and because the game is not until March of next year, I don’t expect a beta to happen anytime soon.


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