Early Access to New LiquidSky?


Hi guys, will current users get early access to the march release? If so, does anyone know when? Thanks!


Yes . It's gonna be between March 1st-7th


March or early Feb for current!

I think it depends on your region!
But I think you get the new liquid sky if you get a beta key
From the competition! Just without the free user!

All the features including new liquid sky and new payment
For current and public is March!

For the beta winners is just the new liquid sky without the new payment!


Awesome, thanks guys.


Beta key from the current competition will give the 500 winners access to the OLD and current Liquidsky and not the new one to be released coming in march between the 1st and 7th they state this


Your right!
I read it wrong,
Thanks for the correction!

I was sure it said the new liquid sky is for beta winners,
Not current! But just read it again and your right!



Heh no problem perhaps just wishful thinking on your part though to be honest they released links months ago for some type of alpha testing of new liquidsky yet have said nothing about it


You guys right but the official open is in March, but they offer a giveaway last chance Guys why would anyone waste buying credits to get key if you could get it free they offer it right away but it gives you 3 hours of playing games and you will have 100GB = 1000 MB which its worth what your waiting for visit the website now! http://bit.ly/2kd2qtH Note this is Liquidsky Website and plus they giveaway is ending in 6 days go get your beta keys


So you know the release date for new update huh sounds crazy


He's repeating what Ian said in the AMA yesterday. So yes we know.


That's great that it's releasing march 1st to 7th or before


on or between those dates yeah will be great got to try the elite package out of course if only for an hour or two never had the use of a 3k computer


read this https://community.liquidsky.tv/t/ama-hi-im-the-ceo-of-liquidsky-ian-mcloughlin-ask-me-anything/5013/239


Right, I understand that's the current release date, but what I was asking was if current beta testers will have access to that release before the worldwide release date


That is what I think that link that they put up several times apparently allowing beta testers to test "Exclusive features" something like that but that whole situation hasn't really amounted to much or LS selected only a few who signed up when they had the exclusive link up whenever they had it going and had them under NDA so they can't talk about it in any case I don't think so maybe one day you receive that one email saying you get into alpha testing but then you'll never be able to talk about it then idk I'm just going to wait for feburary lol


I'm fully convinced with ryuken


I signed up when I first released that "Exclusive Features" Link but guess I didn't make the cut for the Alpha Stage of testing damn would like to try that 8gb gpu to but guess its till March


So sad ryuken can you answer my question on my topic