Earn Free SkyCredits By Playing Games on LiquidSky!


Running low on SkyCredits?

Need a couple extra hours to grind your way to Diamond this season?

LiquidSky has got you covered! Earn free SkyCredits by creating videos of you playing video games on LiquidSky and help your community out while your at it!

With our new User Video Submission Campaign, LiquidSky will be rewarding users 10 SkyCredits for every video of LiquidSky gameplay submitted over Youtube that follows our submission guidelines. Our most important guideline being, that you showcase your IN-GAME settings, and PC Specifications so that other users can replicate your settings and play as well!

Please check the links below in order to properly submit your video and refer to the guidelines below.

Here are some examples below of users who have already submitted videos and claimed their free SkyCredits!

So don't just use your time playing games on LiquidSky, get rewarded for it too!

LiquidSky Game Testing Channel!
Liquidsky Test Videos

What if i have 60 videos already every recorded from LS platform. I need to send them 1by1?


Submit your channel link on the submission form instead or to justin@liquidsky.tv for review.

Please make sure all of your videos follow the submission guidelines below and display your in-game graphic settings for others to replicate. Your PC Specs must be included in the video description as well.

Videos that do not follow any of the guidelines will NOT be eligible to receive SkyCredits.



That's great that you are giving to content creators and supporting them. Keep up the good job.


They dont send me the credits


that sucks :disappointed_relieved:


i liked the videos, and thought you did a really job on them


Thanks you, but now im playing couse i buy more credits


Same, nothing... :frowning:


Too bad i noticed after my free 3 hours got depleted... Would´ve recorded everything otherwise :smiley: Btw does there have to be a voice-over ?


hola quisiera saber como puedo entrar a 3 creditosss por fa me ayudan siiiii soy una buena persona


Is this still happening? If not can we close this topic?



Wow, this topic is over a year old. @dylancraig0, going to have to find more current information. To answer your question though, you cannot earn free SkyCredits from ads anymore. It happened and has ended since this thread went live. :stuck_out_tongue: