Eso camera jerking


When I play eso with a controller at random intervals the camera will jerk to the left. This does not happen if I keep the controller settings page up though. I don’t wanna try to be playing while having my vision blocked by a picture of a controller so does anyone know a fix?


I tried eso and i have same problem.I described problem that i had before few months with another game witcher 3.Its same problem but nobody can help i tried few things but nothing helps sadly dont know what to do


Can you post a video


I deleted game.But its same problem like you have.Othetr user also said that he having problem with controller since february.It happens only on android,i tried on pc and it work normal no problem at all(witcher 3)


It might be easier to post a video so I can send it to the devs (to see and describe whats wrong) and the steps you troubleshoot.
What controller you are using? What is the Android device?

Did you try custom controller setting instead?


Ok,wh3n i come home from work ibwill try that and i will say my spec


Ok. I thought i replied to another post i made. .
When you get a chance press escape>settings>camera. Change every slider except for FOV to 0. Then make sure every camera setting that can be turned off is set set to off except for smoothing. This wont completely eradicate the problem but it becomes a whole lot less noticeably. At the very least the game becomes playable


Let me claamrify that i mean in-game