Estimated release of an update?


Hello LiquidSky,

Any information you could give regarding .41? It is been a long time ago since the latest (4 months nearly). Is it going to be released in 2016? There is a room of the features and improvements LiquidSky client could be updated with.

Thank you.


I have to tell you that I have experienced too much lag and stutter which the PS NOW app is half the price of the unlimited price and it is well polished and hardly ever lags.


In the first days of the next year i think


I think its going to be never. The poor customer service and server problems are going to drive people away. And then the company will go bankrupt.


Naah, the have good marketing


Hello there,

Still no information?


I have been waiting for update very long time. Right now I cannot use client because the thing crashes on my laptop with nvidia optimus. Also would like to know anything about next update.


Agreed and unless some major competition comes around they are pretty safe at the moment and have the benefit of being some of the first.

They seem to be working on something big for January 2017, although I don't know what kind improvements it will bring or how it will effect your issue. But couldn't you turn off Nvidia Optimus for LiquidSky within Nvidia Control Panel?


Yes I could turn nvidia card off but on intergrated gpu it is laggy and unusable.


Well if the March update is all great like they make it sound; this company could have a lot of people coming! But I always say don't get hyped and be prepared to be let down...