Experiencing frame drops on the High performance package


At first, I was blaming it on my ISP. I already had plenty of discussions with them on the phone. However, this time I am attributing these problems to the SkyComputer.

I am playing Battlefield 3 on the High Performance package the game is not running at MAX settings, it's running like at medium to high, on 1280x720 resolution. At first, the game ran super smooth and great, but lately(like the past 3 days) I've seen quite the annoying framedrops. This is what I've seen:

-The game freezes completely for a couple seconds, I can hear sound but the image is frozen. When it unfreezes, it literally feels like its trying to fastforward what happened during those seconds it was still.

-I've perceived the game dropping under 30 frames sometimes. Example: I was playing TDM on Noshar Canals, while running towards the containters on the middle, it feels like it's constantly jumping between 30 and 60fps.

-Choppy audio This happens on BF3 and other games, for example, I tried running Rainbow Six siege since it has a free to try weekend on steam. While I dont understand how the game states that the SkyComputer is below minimum requirements, the game has a lot of audio stutters, while at the same time, quite the few framedrops. When it comes to other games, there are audio stutters while the game feels choppy at the same time.

I do not know if this started recently. I've had the "gamer plan" for over 2 weeks now. Most of the problems I had were due to my ISP being absolute trash but recently I think its not their fault, but the SkyComputer. I've tried deletting and creating new SkyComputers in hopes that these problems would fix themselves. Turns out they don't, and it's annoying the living crap out of me.


These freezes are a known problem. If you want to know if its happening on Liquidsky's side, activate the fps counter in BF3. You will see that during the freezes the fps goes down to 1fps.
In BF3 open the console by clicking "^" and enter “render.drawfps 1”.

This is also happening when playing on lowest settings while on the Ultra plan, I just tested it yesterday with Battlefield 4, 768p and everything on low, and I got 3 seconds freezes every few minutes. Its sooooooo annoying. And yes, it is a problem on Liquidskys side. And no, its not due to lack of vram.

There are already tons of threads about it on reddit, some 4-6 months old, but it looks like they can't fix it, or don't know how.


Battlefield 3 is like 5 years old. That ain't "high end" anymore. Rainbow Six was a stretch though so I'll give you that.


I saw a post about this earlier. Some say it's due to the Hard Drive/ SSD of the SKyComputer not being able to keep up. Hopefully they can fix it soon. It drives me nuts when it does it in the middle of a fight.