Explain to me about new Package's?


Ok, i just see it. Really, new packages have just unbelievable price? I don't think My wallet can handle with 240 SkyCredit's PER HOUR.

60 Sky Credits/Per hour. 240 Sky Credits/Per hour.(Special this!)

What configuration will be used on free computer

Haha I posted almost the same question in the General forum 5 minutes ago:))


New plan look awfull for a gamer that play new gen games a lot :?


Depends on how many cresits you get per month and how much credits cost. However considering the biggest plan they will offer now is 4x the existing ultra I would imagine the cost will be 4x aswell:) maby a bit less.


A hard core gamer playing 8-12 hours a day would probably save a bit of money using liquid sky instead of buying their gaming rig. But the big winners will be casual players spending a couple of hours per day playing. For them the differnce will be huge:)


Usualy i buying Gamer Plan and it enough for me. Last time i paying in November and i still have 60 SkyCredits.

I'm not a "hardcore" gamer, but what if i want to play some games on Gamer package's? I just lost all my credit in one houre!


I think the structure of the sky credit is changing. If you pay .5$ per credit on the pay as you go package and spend 60 of them per hour you're paying for your rig in a month:)

It is either a typo in the press brief or the structure of credits is changing. The question is what happens with my existing credits:D


I saw on the stream that they will cost 1,2 and 4 credits that we know now respectively


I have another question.

New design, it look's like "Onlive". We still have Desktop?


If they are smart about it. PC games require often modifications in ini files, mods, save game transfers, they should not dumb it down to console level.


Yes in the stream, the new liquidsky have desktop :slight_smile:


So that would be decent fair pricing in my opinion:) Thank you.


I'm not 100% sure tho


I hope they change the credits / $ ratio. If not it will become very expensive. For example "Gamer" plan with 10 hours of gaming cost you 600 credits or 300$!!! That can't be true…


I dislike the large numbers, it's easy when it's 1,2,4 with like 80 in the bank or whatever but it gets iffy when it's such large numbers as it gets harder to work out usage etc.

However I expect the numbers are high to allow more granular usage or something as currently they take credits per 30 mins on ultra or hour on normal. It gets tricky if you did 15 mins of normal and 15 mins of ultra though. So if they took credits every minute they could bill usage more accurately but they would need higher credit numbers.

So I would expect that to be why the numbers are going to be in hundreds and thousands than in units and tens.


The ratio for SkyCredits got changed, 1 current skycredit is gonna be 60 new skycredits it was made cuz of the free tier, so they would know how exactly long they can play from one as revenue.


it's 2x the power of the current ultra plan, it's 4x of the basic plan


Curent ultra has 2gb ram gpu. The new elite has 8. Thats where the 4x ultra calculation was from.


I guess the logic is a credit per minute, making it more obvious logging in for half an hour isn't losing your credits :slight_smile:

Assume current credits will be scaled up.


Credit per minute, then the 3 credits will be 3 minutes for 18 min watching ads xD?