Fake LiquidSky Videos


Are you guys annnoyed when you look up 'LiquidSky" on YouTube and you see a bunch of LS videos on Android saying “FREE SKYCREDIT APK HACK”?


That doesn’t work. All those who post videos like that just want their subscribers to use their referral codes for free SkyCredits.


I have got a liquidsky referral code that is special!!!11!1! It gives you 9999999 skycredits instead of 300!!!1! Really try it!!1! XD


All you have to do is click this link and enter your login data! :wink:
Seriously, anyone who is greedy and stupid enough to fall for these scams deserves to get ripped off. :money_with_wings:


lol… I think I agree with you!


I have a feeling it’s mostly little kids.


Yeah, they think we are idiots like him, oh well, he’s the one that lost time making a fake video that won’t give him anything


I don’t know if it’s scam, phishing, or both… But it’s really stupid to believe to these things… And even if it works (impossible), you will eventually get caught and banned… And then the police will knock at your door lol


Or, better yet, the Feds with assault rifles and choppers in the air like in the 2007 Transformers movie :wink:


The SWAT team, or, if you are in America, the FBI! Like the ones in WELCOME TO THE GAME 2 LOL


These fake videos are popular in India


I don’t think these videos have any effects on the service,atm.
Additionally, I would address this to Morgan.Maybe, he would have some words for that.

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