Falied to check updates bug - using bootcamp for mac [solved]


Hi.if someone can help me on this?

i’m currently using bootcamp for mac - windows 10. It was working previously but suddentlt it stopped working. I check all the setting which was possible, resetting everything, firewall blocming etc but nothing seems to be working.


Hmm- specifications of your MacBook? Also any recent changes to the system that you can think of?


I’m using Macbook pro mid 2015 edition. i havent done any changes recently. If you or anyone can help fix it will be a great help. Thanks.


When I mean changes, I mean updates or anything of that sort that you might not have directly done to the system. Maybe try a full virus scan in Windows Defender? Doubt it’ll necessarily fix things, but might help.


I just completed my windows defender complete scan but still the problem remain. Any other solution? there could be a problem because i’m using bootcamp for mac i guess.


Shouldn’t be the case as Apple is still using Intel in MacBooks. Have you tried reinstalling the client?


I just fixed this by resetting the pc on windows 10, it reinstalled all my settings, app, users etc.


So issue is resolved? You must have done something to cause it.


Yes, its fixed. There could have been some virus issue that might have caused this. I did a full scan but no issues were found with bit defender, i wasn’t able to find any solution. Resetting the system was the last resort and its works smoothly now.