Far Cry 5 anyone?


Has anyone here tested out Far Cry 5? I am sure it won’t have any issues in running it since requirements are met, but AC Origin doesn’t run on liquidsky vm yet, so I am wondering if Far Cry 5 is


In the case of AC:O the only issue is drivers at the moment- probably the same thing will happen with Far Cry 5. New GPU should ship with the driver update as well, which is coming Soon™. I know it’s a long time coming, but it will hopefully be worth the wait :slight_smile:



Yall pulling that Blizzard™ card, I see. Hope we get that upgrade soon :slight_smile:

Big Game Fix Live!

I tried it today and it works. I only played for 10 minutes


I heard it’s really well optimized. Does it work on the gamer plan?


I tested out on gamer plan/pro plan on liquidsky and on ■■■■■■.
Gamer plan barely runs the game. Pro plan runs the game fine but with a noticable latency. ■■■■■■ runs the game pretty well.


Let’s refrain from talking about competitors in our community. Thanks.


Here is a Gameplay video link of Far Cry 5 on Liquidsky.


I am also able to play it (so far with no issues) - 1h in


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game works for me on Pro with no issues, 15 hours in


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Far Cry 5 is amazing on LiquidSky Pro setting!

I am so impressed!


It runs perfectly on Pro, that’s for sure (sadly, unplayable on Gamer).

Even though it’s pretty much the same game as FC3/4, the new setting - the US - makes it feel like an entirely new thing. And I like the fact that it’s more “serious” (yes, it is about a bunch of lynatics, but still)


very good game i finished playing on LS average at 45 fps


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