Favorite Games to Play on Liquid Sky?


Hey everyone,

I mostly game on my Xbox, butbhave started using Liquid Sky to play games on my Note9. What are all your favorite games to play on here?


My favourite game on Android is Witcher 3, no doubt. Looks amazing on an AMOLED screen.
As a general rule, look for games that can be played with a controller (the GameSir G4s for example is excellent).


I play lots of game payday 2,warthunder, so many others i cant think of right know


Iv got at lest 10 to 15 games i play on liquedsky i use a keyboard and mouse with Android. Its a bit hard to configure but i love liquid sky


Mine is World of Warships!


Mine has to be GTA 5, it’s great to be lying in bed and playing it on my phone when grinding. When I get tired I shut it down and go to sleep. :smile:

I also enjoyed hours of Fallout New Vegas and will probably play Witcher 3 next, for the visuals.


Mine would be FIFA 19 ,great for people who like different strategies when playing while also having fun.:smiley: