Favorite Video Game Car? (Win SkyCredits!)


the toyota sprinter ae86 trueno/toyota corolla ae86 which is found in alot of car-related games including need for speed carbon


Hachi roku! AE86 is an awesome car.


The crew 2 this is camaro.


Need for speed Most Wanted


No love for the Skyline R32 GTR? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hennessey Venom GT from csr (its an android game drag racing) its so beautiful
i wish i could have it in my real life but nahh im not so rich.


Need for speed payback


The Skyline GTR that Eddie drove in NFS: Underground is another one of my favorites. Damn, that game came out a long time ago…


My all-time favorite car in a video game I would have to say PlanetSide 2 the “Harasser” light assault buggy. It’s fast deadly and extremely customizable. It is very versatile and can fill almost any role. My favorite configuration is as an anti air Assault buggy. With a little bit of skill it can be used without a gunner. However having a good Gunner makes it Unstoppable if you know how to drive it without flipping it.


Obviously thanos car.


I had that one in mind, but went with an unusual choice. :sweat_smile:


The “Phantom Wedge” from GTA 5 is an absolute beast, love that thing just because of its monstrosity.


Completely off the topic, but has anyone tried Forza Horizon 4 on LS? Or is the Wn10 limitation still a big bummer for LS? I’d also very much like to play State Of Decay 2, but it’s only Win10-compatible.


Well, it’s not just a limitation for us - it’s a limitation of Windows Server 2016. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Windows doesn’t support its own product… WUT


Well, that sucks, but thanks for clearing it out for me.

And why the hell would they make people switch to Win10 for the brand-new games? The new policy IS NOT WORKING! All of my friends are still on Win7, simply because it’s better.

Sorry, it’s frustration speaking :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


“Security reasons.”

I tend to keep my OSs up-to-date just for the security updates. Problem is if you have an older machine, the optimization goes down the tubes. :frowning:


Well, htat’s true, no argument there. But for me as a sound engineer, it’s vital that I stay on Win7 because Win10 isn’t as stable when it comes to editing/producing. Oh, I can always have 2 systems on 1 PC.


Womp womp. I take it the software you use doesn’t support Win 10?


We have our winners! Congrats. 1,000 SkyCredits have been added and each of you have been given access to the Elite power package. :sunglasses:



2end time wining somthing in my life i won a bike when i was younger i think 12
Question: what is the elite package how do i activate it