Fifa 19 controller support?



I’m on vacation right now and found your service, since I wanted to play a little fifa I bought an gamesir t2a. The controller seems to work fine in single player. But as soon as I’m doing an online match it starts get out of control. Sometimes I can’t move my players, sometimes they are only running in one direction(all the pass or shoot buttons seem to work but the directions are messed up). As soon as I press the start button to pause the game it will work fine in the menu. But on the pitch it’s not working again. I’m kinda confused where this problem comes from. Anyone has any advice?

Thank you in advance

Edit: forgot to mention, I’m experiencing this over my phone (huawei p10) with a Bluetooth connected controller

Edit2: and for all the people out there who stumble upon this thread while they try to figure out if liquidsky can run fifa 19. I can confirm it’s working. I tried it in gamer mode and it worked fine, but I also turned msaa off because I wanted to play on my phone and the screen would be too small to recognize it anyway. But since fifa hasn’t changed its frostbite engine in the last years, there is no problem launching it and playing it.(at least when it comes to the game itself, not my controller issue :stuck_out_tongue:)


Did you try changing the controller inputs? You can do with within the LS settings (toggle between Xbox, Ps4 and custom)

Also check the controller is functioning properly…