Final Review and Goodbye


Well, logging into the service after the lastest stress inducing email, yet again altering the packages available, with yet again another ultimatum about removing my 800hour+/50000 something credit balance unless bla bla I find there all gone. Marvellous. Absolutely great.

I paid from the beginning all thro beta supporting the service. I did this because the credits did NOT expire. Once again. They DO NOT expire. That is why I purchased them. After a user of onlive and that debacle losing my games etc I was dubious of liquidsky. I was happy tho to support the potential of the service with the safety of knowing I would have a nestegg built up for when the service became more polished. I am still waiting… It is a bad sign when I paid for a month on a rival service despite having all these free credits built up on liquidsky due to the bad performance I was getting.

Now I am sure the argument will be we are improving all the time yadda yadda yadda. Great I say to that, I have heard the same pr bs countless times before but I would have waited to see and periodically logged back in to check. But not now…

You have effectively fraudulently robbed me of my money and investment in your service.

So, now the prices keep rising. The drive to remove my credits and backtrack on beta non expiring credit purchases has come to fruition. Was it a problem for liquidsky to maintain my credits balance until I felt the service was good enough to use on an ongoing basis? Would it have been a problem maintaining them five years from now? Obviously no. I am a very heavy gamer and could have burned thro them pretty quick tbh when I felt the service was at a point to be worth using. And after all is it not my choice? I purchased the non expiring time to use as I see fit or so I thought.

Try and find successful mmo companies that delete there customers time and investment (characters) over any length of time. They dont for the simple reaon they want you to return, which I have done, to games going back years. Recent example, Eve Online, I purchased at launch, played for a while, left it for 10 freaking years and returned to find my characters waiting right there for me. Result? 2 current ongoing active subscriptions.

Now I do not expect the people who make these decisions to see this, just at best the community team but let me tell you. The trust has gone. I dont see the groundswell of support there used to be but I do see a lot more disgruntled customers.

Will I now make further purchases if the service got better? Oh sure, after this precedent has been set? not a flying chance in hell.

Let me finish by saying by your actions I find you to be deceitful, untrustworthy and certainly not worth recommending, quite the opposite in fact.

I would say our time together has been great but then I would also be a liar and I do not feel happy saying that.

One final observation, the quality of the service reminds me a lot of onlive in its dieing days, well, combined with the effective loss of my investment you now have a second thing in common.

It might be worth checking back on cloud gaming in another 10 years, for now? its seriously just not fit for service. Sadly I also do not wish you well in the future. Quite the opposite.



The credit disappearing bug isn’t related to the new pricing. It happened to some people (including me), just contact support and they’ll restore your balance.


Just out of curiousity, is this the kind of bug thats given top priority, ie automaticaly reissue the credits to affected accounts as its gamebreaking or the kind where you only apply the reissue on request when someone contacts support? and the rest…well.

Just curious as this is the second time my credits have gone. With the ongoing credit wars that are seeming to be ongoing I would love to know.

edit As with a lot of posts on here, the benefit of the doubt has now gone.

edit2 reading the new updated policy here -

I have decided this service is just no longer for me, is there any way I can have my credits returned to me and gifted to someone on here ? or just flat out gifted to somone who will use this service in the future? 800+ hours of gameplay could be useful to someone on here no doubt.


I need them, but I dont think that would be possible. Only way would be giving your account to that person.



Sorry, account trading is forbidden and will result in a ban.
To my knowledge, LiquidSky don’t give refunds only because customers decide not to use the service anymore. You can always try to reach out to support of course (