First impressions & issues


Hey guys, first of all, I'm excited for this service to go live soon, and I want to thank Ian and the rest of the guys on the Twitch stream today, especially since that's where I got my beta key!

Where I am, what I'm running: I'm currently near Seattle, WA. Which puts me at about 1,400km from the current closest server in San Jose, CA. I'm running a scrapped together PC from left over parts after my gaming laptop died. 70Mb/sec Cable, WiFi 5Ghz, 6GB RAM, 1GB ATI Radeon 5800, and a 64bit Intel processor, on Windows 7, with a 4:3 screen, 1280x1024.

This play through I tried with keyboard and mouse instead of my XB1 controller.

So I loaded up my LiquidSky PC, chose Ultra for my first run through, and installed Left For Dead 2 off Steam, just since I'm really familiar with how it looks and plays. I wasnt sure how LiquidSky would handle my 4:3 screen since those are far from the norm nowadays, but it handles it fine. Right clicked my Sky desktop, chose my native resolution, left LiquidSky Client at 1080, then went full screen, and had a beautifully proper display.

Once I got in game though, things got hairy fast. Any type of camera movement, caused massive pixelization, along with waves of discoloration through the video stream. It sort of looked like back when Real Player was a thing and you were trying to stream videos on dial up. And the lag between moving the mouse, and the movement on the screen was really really noticeable.

Now, before too many people eat me alive, I KNOW I should be on a wired connection, but for where I'm at now, this is the best I can do. I also KNOW that lag is supposed to be better when using a controller, but I would prefer to be able to use the keyboard and mouse at least some times, so that's why I tested it this way. And I also KNOW, that 1400km from the nearest data center is pushing it, but it is still within their limits, so I figured I would try it.

Any advice for getting things playable? Because right now every aspect is unbearable. I know a data center is supposed to be opening in Seattle, any word on if thats with launch?


There are so many rhings that could be wrong here. Since you're running in windows can you show us the latency in the top left corner of liquidsky when windowed? Also how far is your pc from the router? on wifi every foot counts.


Absolutely, thanks for helping me even though I'm doing several things wrong.

Here is the latency from the window:

And when I was checking the minimum specs, one thing I realized is that my proceesor is only a 2 core, which could be giving me a low score in Liquid Sky:

See reply for Image 2, noob restrictions

Here is my computer for reference:

See reply for Image 3, noob restrictions

Also I feel it is worth pointing out I loaded LiquidSky up on my Nvidia Shield Handheld, the older one with the flip up screen and built in controller, which is also connected through WiFi 5Ghz, I got less blurry video, but still wouldnt call the experience ideal, some lag, and hitching gameplay like when a PC isnt good enough.


IMAGE 2 referenced above!


IMAGE 3 referenced above!!


Oh, and I'm about 10 feet from the router. but there is one wall in between.

Speed test put me at about 70Mb/Sec or 6MB/Sec


You aren't doing anything wrong. I mean internet can be finnicky and it can have issues in all kinds of places. Just feom the first screenshot I'd either get an ethernet cable and wire it up or move the computer closer. And change the renderer to dvxa.

If I remember feom valves in home streaming wifi tests at 10 feet you have a massive amount of packet loss. Try to get it down to 4 or less if you don't have an ethernet cord.

I just realized I may be reading it wrong do you have it set to 30 or 60fps?


And if anyone is curious.

From about 4 feet.

From about 10 feet.


Your upload speed worries me; it should not be that low. Your system has to do some amount of uploading game input to the servers.


Well, thank you everyone for the suggestions, unfortunately for this specific issue, I feel it may be my computer.

Like I said, I built it from random spare parts, and some aspect of it must not be up to snuff.

I took my Frankenstein computer over to my brothers house, and did a comparison. On his computer, which is a full on gaming rig comparable to what I'm trying to get from LiquidSky, LiquidSky runs and looks outstanding. Unplugged his computer from the internet, plugged in mine, and no joy.

I got the same bad lag, bad pixelization. I'm assuming its the duel core thats bringing me down?


I run Liquidsky on a dual core as well with only 4gb ram and I'm over 2000km away and I always keep mine on 1 1/2 or 2 bars MAX and with this certain games are playable witcher 2/3 etc but for the most part fps shooter cs go and probably LoL probably isn't either but haven't tested it on LS so I have no idea really.


Input devices require very little bandwidth, I play on .5 Mbps upload speed just fine. Once we have expanded USB device support this low upload could be an issue if you try transferring content from a USB drive or use a Webcam.


You could be correct seeing as you tested on a separate connection and didn't have a better experience. LiquidSky only transfers data on your screen when it detects changes. So on Windows Desktop or just browsing the web on your LiquidSky computer it doesn't have to transfer near as much data. In a FPS game where the entire screen is changing rapidly, a lot more data needs to be transferred. Your laptop then has to decode all of that data. Your CPU may not be able to keep up with the data influx when this happens. Try running task manager on the performance tab and see if your CPU is being maxed out when you have these issues.