Fix the servers


When are you going to release a full 1.0 update and actually fix the things that need to be fixed instead of adding things that aren’t on the top of the priority list? I’m actually getting extremely annoyed at how many bugs and glitches there are even after usin liquid sky for almost a year… Anyone else would have had the video card drivers updated by now and a lot of the bugs that still aren’t fixed would have been by now… why haven’t the things on the TOP of the priority list haven’t been fixed yet?


I believe the driver issue is top priority, and it’s being worked on along with the hardware upgrade. It’s just not as easy as updatimg a desktop gpu driver. These server gpu drivers cost money.
I guess they didn’t want to pay for a driver upgrade that would be obsolete as soon as the new gpu hardware is implemented.


Makes sense but I tried updating the gpu driver a few month ago (obviously it didn’t let me because it’s a server) but it never asked me to pay for it… from what I could tell it was as simple as clicking “install update” on all the sky computers weather it comes down to having to reset them or not


The problem is the cpu :frowning: it’s not good enough to deliver 720p60 in some games


I’ve noticed that too but it hasnt really been a problem for me


But my question is if the gpu update is at the very top of the priority list and its been almost a year since the update came out, and liquid sky is marking at most 40, 50, even 60 dollars american off of not just them but God only knows how many people a month… why hasn’t it been done yet? It should have been done at least 3 months after the update came out


I’m only say that simple bugs like:

  1. Failed to connect, when launching SkyComputer.
  2. Lost connection when we changing resolution to higher.

These errors have occurred since 17 Dec. That is from introducing “Big game fix”. Normal companies fix bugs like that in small hotfix really quick.


The GPU upgrade wasn’t decided until a few months ago, not a year ago. (and that was when the current GPUs were doing okay for the time being, and thats not the case anymore)

And fyi, internal testing for them is currently happening as we speak. So it won’t be long now.
Things pop up that is making the process longer than it should. Say for example IBM is giving the staff a hardtime if one side can’t finish their part in time, delaying the process even further or if Nvidia is giving staff a hard-time on agreeing stuff with the new GPU contracts. Since someone has to pay a licence fee per user.

That is not a bug, this error message will always happen if a user has issues with their internet connection and its not a problem with the LS servers most of the time. (There were people complaining how they can’t access LS at school or work for a reason - since the IT team don’t want people to use their resources to play games)

Its taking longer because the team decided to go with the GPU update and by doing that, it will automatically fix the problem once those are live.


That’s bullshit. If my internet is a problem, so why only shutdown and start again can help? Be fair with us. LS service is bugged as hell, and LiquidSky can’t handle this from some reason.

So you try to telling me that LS decided to leave serious bug untouched for almost half year, just because other operation can fix this?


This is to prevent losing credits. And if it can’t connect, it won’t turn on your skypc anyways to begin with. (now thats not always the case, but this measure of shutting down if it does end up being turned on will prevent losing a huge amount of credits)
Also what difference does it make anyways if a user can’t connect (due to internet issues with the user) in the first place?

I’m not here to defend LS, but you going have to be more reasonable. I had my fair share of frustrations as well, such as peak times (when games dip and stutter at 30 FPS) and artifacting/discolorations at random times

The devs and programmers figured it out its the best action to take. Either fix this bug and really delay the GPU update or leave the bug untouched and go ahead and go on with the GPU update, which will allow the bug to be resolved. Either side is going to be happy or mad about this. You can’t make everyone happy…


I’m not frustraded. I have no reason, because i’m no longer user of LiquidSky. I’m only sometimes connect to burn my credits.

But i do test. I try to connect from my other cloud gaming rig, and its same problem like in my home internet. Just Failed to connect after launch. I don’t think it’s internet problems.


Personally then my question becomes why you decide to stick around- you’ve only come onto both the forums and Discord to voice criticism, then disappear like some other notable users (only to come back when you have new issues). It doesn’t bode well if you only come to solely complain and you use another service (which then raises a question of ulterior motive, even with seemingly good intentions- things never translate from theory to reality very well ever [there’s a fine line between trying to start a riot and suggesting a new feature, as well as voicing feedback vs crticism]).

Regardless, more information would be then needed about your situation, which is less relevant to this thread’s topic and isn’t conducive to discussion (even if you’ve posted before we could all use a refresher as we mods tend to numerous threads a day and sometimes can’t keep track of individual cases). There are issues that may be out of LS’ hands such as IP routing and other factors which may be an issue. Problems and issues are never as clear cut as they seem, even if you believe to know more about a situation. Unless you are an involved party, being outside you will never really know… Either ways, if you’re willing to then please make a new thread. Jumping in on the hate train just to talk about your own issues doesn’t sell your issue as well as making a new thread with said issues established from the start.


So. When i wrote about this in February, you say that is caused by servers load. Now it’s because my internet.

From my observations now i think it’s an error that happen instead of “servers full” error. But LS systems say that server is online, and burning credits.


No contradiction there. :nerd_face:
Failed to connect indicates a network issue. But a couple of weeks back, it also appeared when the servers were full. That was a bug though, and has been fixed. At least I haven’t seen it ever since, even when the servers were full (which luckily also happens less by now).


So like i See not fixed for me


Need a lot more than nothing is fixed for you- have you run a tracenet to your skycomputer?

At this point I’m willing to move this to a new thread (if you’re willing to continue)- we’ve completely detracted from the thread topic at this point.


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