Flairs for LS Staff


I know posts from LS Staff have a different colored background compared to normal users, but there's still a lot of people running around pretending to be staff or affiliated to LS in some way. There's been a bunch of posts by people pretending to be staff leading users to their personal twitch channels, youtube videos, facebook pages, etc. That's just taking advantage of confused users looking for answers anywhere they can find them to make money or build followers.

This needs to stop, and newly registered forum members need a pinned post or some other clear way to know who the LS Staff are so they don't get drawn into these scams or get confused by false information.


Stupid users will always be stupid. Kids will always be innocent until they have been taught once. Unwritten but taught rule of the internet and life is: "Never trust anyone, question even the closest of friends, use your mind."

Saying that it is perfectly clear who is a staff member and who isn't :slight_smile:

But do flag the posts ALWAYS if they seem inaproriate.


+1 on the post flagging. This helps A LOT!

The forums has loads of posts and it can get difficult to sift through! Whilst I'm at it I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that's helped us!


In any other situation, I'd agree with you.

The only reason I'm bringing this up is because it creates a whole bunch of nonsense posts that drown out conversations that are worth reading and participating in.

Some random person shows up with the LS logo in their avatar and Liquid in their username, and everything they post suddenly gets quoted or passed around. Or they'll throw up a fake screenshot of something and that become a brand new rumor that refuses to go away.


Plus I've seen staff announce stuff then the next 4 posts are about their position in the company.



This is exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. If this was just a general thread to help people out and answer questions so the same thing isn't posted over and over again, it'd be great. Like that 'New User Guide' thread that's constantly updated by a normal user.

Look at how misleading that first post is though. It doesn't break any rules technically, nor does this guy say that he's a member of the LS Staff. The whole thing is clearly designed to fool the average idiot that wanders into this forum.


Dude. He literally tagged Justin and Jason in his post. They would have shut him down by now if he wasn't legit.

Also, Jason doesn't have a purple background either but is an LS Staff member.


If someone was pretending to be a staff member; they would have an IP ban off the forums and never be allowed to come in. Companies really frown upon stuff like that.