Flash Beta Key Giveaway 2! Video Game Character Count-Off!



Hey Guys,

In the spirit of giving, were running another flash beta key giveaway for those who didn't get a chance last time!

Participate and comment below and the first 20 answers will receive free Beta Keys!

Since last time our contest was far too easy, were going to be stepping it up a notch!

Post/Comment the name of a video game character that starts with the Letter "M"

Only characters that start with the letter "M" will count!

Every comment with a correct answer will receive a free Beta Key! The same answer cannot be repeated twice!

Good Luck Guys and Happy Gaming!

Beta Key Expiry
Beta keys won't activate


Mario :relaxed::yum::sunglasses:


Marcus Fenix :joy::joy::joy:


Mable from Animal Crossing


Megaman (Megaman) :V


Mileena From Mortal Kombat


MAX de mad max the game


Master Chief from Halo


Max Payne! One of my all time favourites videó games


Marth surely has to be top!


Machina Kunagiri, my weakest character in FF Type-0. :smiley:


Mr. X from Resident Evil


Mei Ling from Metal gear solid


Miles Desmond (AC Series)


Michael OFGTA V!! <3


Mallow from Super Mario!


Mari from grand chase


Marisa Kirisame from Touhou :slight_smile:


Moira from the classic game moira