Flash Beta Key Giveaway! Guess The Game Character!


For those who aren't aware, we are going to be handing out a limited number of free beta keys across all our Social Media this month!

For those of you who have been waiting, this is a perfect opportunity to get in and get started with LiquidSky and play all your favorites games this holiday season!

Today's Challenge:

What is the name of the game character below and what game is he from?

The first 10 people who answer in the comments below will receive a free beta key and access to LiquidSky!

Have fun everybody ;D

Hint: I will ban him


If I have already acces, can I play?


Don't see why not ;D


I think to Yasuo?...
From League Of Legends of course...


Yasuo from League of Lengends


Yasuo from League of Lengends


Yasuo from League Of Legends.


Character: Yasuo
Game: League of Legends


Yasuo the unforgiven ,From League of Legends.


Yasuo de League of Legends


Yasuo, from League of Legends. AD mid or top laner, often considered an assassin or split pusher.


It's Yasuo from League of Legends


Yasuo from LoL

I sound like a parrot after so many have already answered.



Its actually Samurai Jack from the hit series, Samurai Jack.

EDIT: .... I'll send out the keys


DAMN! So later :tired_face: if i say Yasuo from LoL can send me the key? Only 5 mins later... pls?... :pray::pray::pray:


REALLY?! hahahahaha don't forget remove the name to the image :joy::joy::joy:


Lol well then.

I see.

That was totally planned of course, I had to make it easy for you guys at first ;D

Next time, wont be so easy.


I've sent you a PM! :wink:


Why i always so slowpok?
It`s crazy


I believe that I've forgotten to say thank you!!!
So, Thank you!

However, As I already have access to Liquidsky, I gave the key to Jerryardo.

The next time, could you offer some Skycredits? :wink:

Best regards!

PS - who is the winner on the google play comments for november?