For Honor Closed Beta Maxed Out On LiquidSky


Hello LiquidSky,

Check this out. For Honor maxed out on a 7 year old laptop. (Full HD 27" monitor connected via HDMI)


Thanks for sharing! This seems to be running pretty much flawlessly. Where are you from? Can you upload a source file somewhere so we could watch it without Youtube's compression?


I would love to get rid of the compression, maybe you know any YouTube alternatives where the uploaded videos are not being quality-downgraded? I am sorry, I won't be able to upload it anywhere else in the near future, as unfortunately there is no time in my reserve. I live in London.


You can try services like, (provide 10 gb for free).


Game on a 10 year old computer playing Witcher 3 using LS, Good times =)


For Honor LS


Nice, thanks a lot!
*20 characters. A heart button is not enough to thank in this case :slight_smile: *


Super excellent gameplay as usual!

Keep up the good work, I hope to see you online some time ;D