Fortnite convinced I'm using a controller


Whenever I load Fortnite on my SkyComputer (either plan) it seems to think I’m using a controller. and renders my keyboard and mouse useless and unable to play the game.
Does anybody else have this problem and is there a fix?


Have yet to hear of this sort of issue- are you sure you don’t have any rogue USB devices connected to your local system? Otherwise I might suggest a fresh skycomputer- generally this shouldn’t happen and I have yet to experience/hear of issues like this myself.


I have to launch it with my phone, as I’ve yet to buy a Desktop computer, if that’s got anything to do with it.
I’m currently controlling it with ■■■■■■ from RPI3.
Edit: apparently that’s censored but its a service that allows me to remote access my skycomputer from virtually any device.


If the service in question is what I suspect then sadly it is censored (it is a competitor by offering similar services to LS in addition to other auxiliary functions)- generally competitor talk is frowned upon as it detracts from the original intention of these discussion platforms, which are about LS and the service as a whole, rather than comparing to other services (mentioning competitors have detracted whole threads before).

Android to my knowledge is still controller due to the nature of most people connecting a controller like the GameSir to their phone to play LS on the go (even without a physical controller there are touch buttons you can use on your screen). KB+M support will come especially in the case of those on something like a chromebook, but it will take a little while to get here; currently the developers are focused on pushing out the new streamer for the time being.