Fortnite (LiquidSky Android client)


At first the controls for gamepad were really buggy but hours later I checked and they work perfectly. This game is really fun and its alot like PUBG. I really wanted to play games like h1z1 and PUBG but they require kbm so I couldn’t play them. This game let’s me play a similar style to those and its really fun. Here’s a quick look of some kills and how it runs on tablet.


Playing an FPS game with a controller - against people with Keyboard+Mouse…
You could just get a KB+Mouse combination. Either bluetooth, or you can buy adapters online (ebay is one example) which let’s you plug them into your device.


Kbm doesn’t seem to work for me. I have recently bought wired kbm and doesn’t work at all for games but works great for navigating when using LiquidSky.


Yeah but does it work with LiquidSky + Fortnite? It should…
If not, it’s a limitation in the Android client that should get fixed.


Ya I tested with Fortnite as well. I had to hold left button on mouse just to look around and I don’t think that’s how its suppose to be. I rather use controller in this specific game but would like to use kbm in others that it’s required. I think it maybe a problem with the Android client but it could also just be my device or kbm.


that also happens to me, but not on liquidsky, i have a otg adapter and aa keyboard+mouse, but whenever i try to play any game, even from playstore ( minecraft pe)it has that problem


It’s not your game,kbm or your device…the problem is the android liquidsky client…this is a unacceptable problem…please fix ASAP


LiquidSky android client does not fully support kbm yet.