Frame Drops make games unplayable


I have been using liquidsky for a long time and the only thing that bothers me is the 1 frame drop, it is impossible to play games like H1Z1, CSGO, STEEP, even in ultra low mode at 1 frame, They are already a company, advertising by All sides, youtube full of people uploading evidence of how it runs, could solve that problem


I feel like there's a couple of us already complaining about these issues, both on reddit and here. We really need to be louder about them. Framedrops to 0fps or freezes are not an optimal gaming expirience and they need to be adressed asap.


I really tried them to look into that for probably 3-4 months. Nothing has been done about it.


This may help :===.....


We're talking FRAMEDROPS and FREEZES on the SkyComputer. These are NOT related to your connection to their servers. This is a problem with the SkyComputer as it freezes midgame even sometimes on the desktop. Your connection status(either bad or good) has nothing to do with these issues.