Fraud from LiquidSky?


Hello guys,

I’m new to LiquidSky and really think that this service is fraud.
You lose credits while you first have to install the game and afterwards it also verifys the downloaded content, which takes years. Even my notebook from 2005 was faster in verifying CS:GO game data.

Really bad service.



I’m pretty sure it’s not fraud. You are renting a VM that you can use for gaming, video/sound editing or many other purposes. So it’s super obvious, they will start charging once you turn a VM on - as simple as that. And thats what any other Cloud Computing service is doing. Also, you are given some disk space to store data, and there is no charge for that when your VM is off.


Even if ur downloading a game, liquidsky has to pay IBM (i think it’s IBM, correct me if i’m wrong) for the servers, and if they didn’t credited those times, they wouldn’t make profit, so liquidsky would not be making money, and it would end pretty fast, because there weren’t going to be any profit from liquidsky


I would not consider this fraud- you are literally given a VM to play around with in the cloud and thus you would use it just like you would a new system/OS at home. Given the virtualized nature of this service sadly performance can suffer if the servers are loaded (also somewhat depends upon what datacenter you connect to sadly- the EU ones are much more crowded due to the political geography of Europe)- I would highly recommend trying off peak to see if you still have issues.


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