Free trial? Just some questions


I’m a bit new to this gaming “in the cloud”. before i purchase anything i wanted to know if there was some sort of free trial? i was told there was by many people but when it came to it i did’nt see anything of a sort. I’d be fine with paying the dollars but i just dont know if its worth it. please get back to me, thank you :slight_smile:


the ten dollars. stupid keyboard lol


just $10 dude ( 20 characters )


There was a free trial, but it had to be removed because people were abusing it. So the 10$ one-time package is the cheapest option.

How far are you from fhe nearest data center/where are you from? And what are your internet speeds according to speedtest. net?


It’s a shame to abuse the 20 min trial! What the heck! No comment! People disappoint me…

Edit: what does people wanted to do with only 20 min and skypc reset for every account they made? It’s really stupid!


The lengths to which some people go… like register with multiple accounts, then restart the trial over and over again, only to play for 20 minutes each time. I would be bored to death, and obviously, the LS team believed people would think it’s too much of a hassle, too. But it seems some guys are really desperate. :wink:


No comment… it’s really unbelievable! lol…


yea but i dont know if its worth…


so theres no way to try it out once or anything? so i know if it is worth?


around 30 to 40 on a good day


So is there anyone that could let me get a trial to see if its worth the money…?


It’s pretty clear there is no trial. I don’t know what else there is to expect?


In addition, what device are you using (cpu, gpu, OS version)?
The more precise your information is, the better we can tell if it might work for you.
Again, the trials have been massively abused, so sadly, LiquidSky had no choice but to remove them. :disappointed_relieved:


Some people are crazy!..


I bet if in any future liquidsky will readd the trial (even only 5 minutes) it will be still abused!


Maybe you can add a free trial of 20 minutes only to users that confirm the registration with a facebook account that it is holder then X time. Maybe 1 year.


I’m only forum moderator, no LS employee, so I can’t do anything about that. But I’m sure they will try to figure something out if it’s possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea! Maybe confirming the account by mobile phone can be another way!


Free trial won’t be happening anytime soon, realistically.
Not until its LS is a finished product and maybe they’ll consider it.