Freezes after 15 mins or so every 20 seconds or so


Not entirely sure if it is a bug, but I notice that if I have been playing for longer than about 15 minutes I tend to get random freezes for about 1-3 seconds every 20 seconds - 3 minutes. It is fairly random but seems the longer I am playing the more it occurs. It primarily happens on Overwatch but has happened in Total War Shogun 2 and Total War Warhammer as well as Battleborn, not really tried any other games for longer than 10 mins.

When this "freeze" occurs it generally seems to keep the music and sound effects playing as if the game was still running, but the visuals do not update, I am not sure if input gets ignored as well but it makes gaming on FPS style things quite difficult.

I am running windows 10, I am using the normal machine not ultra, have quality up to about 95% and am using 720@60fps, it is using the built in Intel HD 4000 although I do have a Geforce 650M in here with Optimus but I found it ran perfectly fine with the intel card using DXVA so didn't want to incur the power drain and fan spinning up for the CUDA version with the Geforce.

This isnt the end of the world but if I could solve what is causing it my playtime would be far better :slight_smile:


Those freezes are a common issue on LiquidSky. I do not know why but they happen a lot, sometimes without reason too.

They freeze the game/video/activity for a couple seconds, then the client desperately fast forwards everything tha happened during the freeze to try and compensate. Sometimes, it even doesn't do that.

The freezes/framedrops even occur when watching Twitch streams, or when playing less demanding games. Hell, even lowering the graphics doesn't work.

It's not your device's fault, it's not your internet connection. It's the SkyComputer having a seizure for no reason at all.


To add to what @TacticalCatfish wrote (which mirrors my experience), it also doesn't seem to make a difference whether using High or Ultra performance. Nor does DXVA vs. CUDA. The good news is that the new version expected in March is supposed to resolve this issue.

I can't say that I've noticed that it only happens after ~ 15 minutes, though that may well be. I'll try to pay more attention next time.

Just as a reference, I'm currently progressing through Just Cause 2, a game released in 2010. It runs quite smoothly regardless of High vs. Ultra or DXVA vs. CUDA. Except for the periodic freezing. For the most part, I'm still able to enjoy the game, but am often tripped up by the freezes.