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unsure whether my topic goes against the competition guideline, please change should that be it, but with these giant tech companies announcing cloud stream based solutons similar to liquidsky, could they pose a potential threat to LS?


The consumer product which you guys use is a small portion of our overall business. At the end of the day, we’re here because we knew that the move was happening, so this doesn’t really come as a big surprise. What it comes down to is staying ahead of the curve for ANY company trying to stay competitive. We have an enterprise solution that is tried and true with some big things coming down the pipeline. Short answer is no, we aren’t worried. It’s pretty exciting to see more and more companies move towards cloud technologies, especially in the gaming space.

If you’re curious, you can find out more about our enterprise solution here.

One of the issues I personally see if the space is companies offering dedicated hardware. There is no way offering dedicated hardware is making money. Let’s use a P5000 as an example. That card costs $2,000 USD. So, how many months of paying for a service does it cost before they even break even on a card? Now, tack on server costs, storage, bandwidth, etc etc. I could go on for days about business practice and the hows and whys. A lot of these companies plan on figuring out the hard part in the long term(how to divvy up the hardware and make shared hardware viable) while going through tons of cash in the short term. Obviously I don’t have insight into any competitor’s inner workings, so this is entirely my personal thought process.

(I just changed your title slightly, but otherwise I don’t mind discussing cloud gaming as a whole :slight_smile: )


well, hopefully these new competitors will force you to reduce the levels of crappiness on the Android app. these days I only have an andriid device got rid of my PC. the control options on Android are very subpar. Bluetooth mouse support only with the standard Android support which doesn’t support the mouse on the skypc, Bluetooth support in general on android sucks, it’s either the virtual controller whichs really crap, or a physical controller thru a on the go which reduces the types of games playable. dislike 3d shooters and action games. I like RTS and similar games which require a mouse and keyboard. after my pay as you go skycredits are gone I’ll switch to one of these new competitors.


Well, what device are you using? As far as Android goes, most Android devices don’t have their own bluetooth receiver save for some of Samsung’s flagship devices. They tend to share with the Wi-Fi receiver which can screw up your stream quality or cause other issues. That’s why we’ve built in a prompt on the client that suggests you turn off bluetooth. I’m able to use the Xbox 1 wireless controller on my Samsung Note 8, but didn’t work on my old LG or Pixel phones.

Plugging in your mouse (hardwired) should work fine. There are a few games (mostly FPS) that have limited functionality due to how Android interacts with the mouse as a whole.

Was the point of this thread to have a discussion? Doesn’t seem like it…


If I may, I can say that there are some competitors that do indeed dedicate some hardware to a user (can send the name of that competitor to you in a DM if you like), and they charge a pretty hefty sum a month for unlimited hours of usage. That seems like a pretty solid deal, and I can’t imagine them NOT making some profit off of that, even if it’s minor. That being said tho, Liquid Sky seems to have a wider community that can help each other, while other communities seem to be more niche and “exclusive”.


Yep, I can name at least two off the top of my head that use dedicated GPUs. I can tell you with relative certainty that using dedicated hardware doesn’t make money because that was an issue we faced in the early days. This is when you get into marketing and product strategy. They are likely justifying their costs as solidifying their market share and then want to figure out the hard stuff later. Obviously it’s not 1:1 exactly, but dedicated hardware isn’t sustainable. I doubt our competitors plan to keep their hardware dedicated in the long run. :thinking:


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