Game mouse cursor



When playing Heroes of The Storm the game mouse cursor, which is a little bit bigger and stylish does not appear, I`m left with the default windows cursor, which is a lot more dificult to keep track when the game is on.

Is that fixable?



Not at present. You'll find this is the case for all games that use a cursor. DOTA2 is the same.

You can use a software mouse mode in WoW but it becomes floaty.

This I think is a limitation of a cloud service. Remember they have to simulate your mouse movements on their PC. Takes time.


I see,

But it would be nice to have a LiquidSky option to change the cursor, it would solve the problem for every MOBA.


I don't think it's currently possible. That's actually what I meant - that this is a restriction of the programming they've used to simulate mouse movements more closely.

If you have WoW on your SkyPC and you use the simulated cursor (there is an option for it because WoW has a software cursor), it's really, really floaty. Would never work for a MOBA.