Gamer Plan shuts down after being idle for 30 minutes


Gamer Plan shuts down after being idle for 30 minutes even though when I bought the package it says that it wont get down for being idle for 30 minutes. Id rather get a refund, if I'm getting shutdown for inactivity considering what was being sold is misleading.

This is what was being sold to me:
Purchase additional SkyCredits anytime
Unused SkyCredits rollover & don't expire
No forced timeout for idle activity
Email Customer Support


have you changed the timeout in the settings?


are you on mac or pc? there is a bug on mac where i sometimes get logged out while i am playing. Remember this is a beta service and a new client is comming out in march.


Someone delete my thread, lets pretend I didn't say anything!

Changed the settings now. Thanks. What is the difference between the new client, I literally just but the gamer plan yesterday.


look the the announcement thread and there is a youtube video. There will be a lot of changes and improvements.


I dont know what you read but that's be policy 30 minutes is the longest you can go with out activity before they shut off the server


can you please repost where you found that quote from it doesn't sound correct


On the twitch stream Ian said they were looking into the timeout feature. But did not give concrete details if it has changed or if it will. It was a pretty vague statement.


Well its def not going away, that makes no sense