Games start with no lag - slowly builds up


Since the new streamer update I’ve been unable to properly play any games (generally FPS ranging from old school CS and half life to ARMA3). The problem presents as an apparent lag that gets worse over time. It can be improved by alt-tabbing to the skycomputer desktop for a few moments and then back to the game, but only fixes the issue for approximately 10 seconds.

Further investigation shows an interesting situation where the sounds from the game (e.g during intro sequences) are being produced correctly and at the right time, with the rendered game lagging further and further behind, out of sync. I can move my mouse during a sequence and the view angle changes 15 seconds later.

There is also a very high loss rate (30-45%), which seems to get worse when more action is visible on the screen, although I’m using exactly the same settings and hardware as I used to before this became a problem.

Approaches tried:

  • Decreasing resolution and graphic options
  • Changing streaming rate and quality
  • Toggling hardware acceleration
  • Toggling gaming mouse mode



The team is aware of issues with the new streamer and would like to fix them- but they could use a bit of help. As far as I personally know this seems to be a result of peak time issues when there are a lot of users on a given server. If you can try to record a video of it from your local system (include software of both your local system and your skycomputer if you can), which should help with bug replication and fixing- you’re not the only one on this (I experience it myself occasionally off-peak [haven’t logged in during peak for a while now- busy with things IRL]).


Can do. Will the built-in LS recorder capture all that data? Or do I need a secondary way of collecting the software environment information?


Built-in sadly does not include stream metrics as that’s client-side. The built-in recorder captures locally from the skycomputer. If your local hardware is enough OBS may do as a native system recorder, though I suppose using a phone would be fine (as long as the quality is sufficient- audio I’m not too sure of though since I’ve been using OBS to capture when I can).


Ok, I’ll sort that out. Where does the video need submitting to?


You can just post here- I can forward it to staff.


I have an example video now, but posts can’t upload videos - and I don’t have any filesharing site account. Ideas?


Hmm- you don’t have anything like Google Drive? Not really sure how you could share it then… Not sure if you could do a livestream to Twitch or something- it should save the video in a way (but that’s entirely dependent upon your local internet).


Ok - Going through OneDrive and sharing. Link below:!AgzMsOLKvHxJmosd1yg5T63TcG77ig


Just to clarify a few things you might need to give a bit more information:

  1. What datacenter are you connected to?
  2. From where are you connecting?
  3. What are the specifications of the local device from which you are trying to connect? (Some of these I know seem a bit redundant but just for diagnostic purposes more info. doesn’t hurt) Specifically RAM, OS, CPU/iGPU/dGPU combo., etc.

Edit: Also reviewing the footage software both on your local system and skycomputer would be appreciated- ideally software shouldn’t be an issue but just in case staff would like to know (This was asked specifically when the call for videos went out).

  1. Connecting to the London datacentre
  2. Connecting from a location 130 - 140 miles NE of London
  3. CPU, OS & display info as below:

Would be really nice to get this fixed asap - I’m currently paying a subscription for a service that is totally unusable! Even the old streamer was better than this, at least it was usable (for me anyway)