Gamesave Manager


I've just started playing with this so I can start playing games without steam cloud or it backups all my save games to my google drive as a file that it can restore back onto the computer, from what I see you can also add folders and it will backup the whole thing. Only downside I can see is it needs to be manually started.

Is anyone else using this?


I used to use it but it was not worth the trouble. Your better off to follow that guide on how to use Dropbox to keep your saved games backed up and it is cross-PC and works automatically as soon as the saved game file changes. I did not like having to specify where the games are on savegame manager and it was upload 10s of Gigs to the server for no reason so finally I just uninstalled it. Here is a really good guide on how to do it via the Dropbox method:


Thanks for the Lifehacker link!!! I’ve been doing it the hard way with FreeFileSync. It never occurred to me to use symbolic links!


You are very welcome. Glad it was a benefit to you!


That's a good alternative but requires alot of work. personally how game save manager finds and backups the saves is easier for me. Mainly because I've lost count of how many times I've deleted my skycomputer.


Well I have tried the tool before on my 100+ games list and most of them do not work with save game manager.