Gaming geeks forever#


Liquid sky is cool friends I want all the people share there experience and thrill with all the others .thanks for your support!!!


I am happy for your enthusiasm, but please that grammar :smiley:


Sorry for the English bro ,but can you explain your experience with others and me like "how,s your gaming experience"


English obviously isn't the first language in many countries but his sentence is easy enough to comprehend right? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I first heard of liquidsky and got into beta I played every game I could never play on my own computer Witcher 2/3 Battlefield 3/4 Arma 2 OA mods and several others best days were when I first used it specially the gigabyte connection that's the best part of Liquidsky besides the hardware in the cloud and even what's to come.

Good times to come for sure.


Thanks bro they sure crazy fast download and upload speeds


Can you tell do we have buy those games like gta5 from steam???


Do we have to buy games like metal gear rising from steam ryuken???


Yeah you have to own the games you play or play free ones and you can't play games you gained illegally like through torrenting or any other illegal means it has to be 100% legal however you got the game :slight_smile:


I'll just use Windows for that sort of thing


Not everyone has the luxury to buy games !!!!:sunglasses:


I'll just use Windows instead of steam


Not everyone has the luxury to buy games


I am afraid this does not justify stealing though


No bro I'm pretty sure there gonna add chrome and other stores to the new liquidsky so we can download games from there too


Read my blog your answer is there


I kind of agree with the both sides about pirating, it is bad and should be stopped but some people can never get to play games otherwise. In my country even games like RimWorld (25$) are worth 2 weeks of food. Still, not only people that can´t pay for the games pirate, but also people that just don´t want to. My friend has about 10 000$ earning per month and he still pirates saying "Why would i pay for it, if i can just torrent it?". I know many understand this but it´s a problem of mentality and can´t be solved much yet... I hope there would just be some system to recognize if the person can or can´t purchase the game and on that basis give him the game for "free"=he would become a sort of tester, getting "quests" to accomplish and giving feedback on it. For that he would earn the game and the developers would have feedback on the parts they were worried about. I understand that companies wouldn´t do this because it´s too "innovative and risky", because you can´t be sure if the person will troll or something like that.

Well, seems like i got a "little bit" into it! If anyone is interested in this i´d be glad to continue on this topic :slight_smile: Gotta go to school now though, there goes my time for breakfast :smiley:


I agree with you bro .Can I ask which country your from???


I am from Czech Republic


Cool you buy gamez bro