Gears Of War 4 And Other Win-10-Only Games On LS


Have any of you guys tried Gears Of War 4 on Liquid Sky? Does it run well, because I’ve heard you need some magical voodoo to make that happen? Also, I’m interested in State Of Decay 2 and Forza Motorsport 4 - two other Win-10 exclusives.


Moved to a hopefully more appropriate category. As far as I know though if these games are Windows Store only (like Halo Forge) you’re out of luck sadly :confused: It’s removed from the current version of Windows Server that LS uses.


That’s a pity! I took a look at the GOW4 system requirements and thought that it would run relatively smooth on the Gamer. Well, I’m still waiting for that driver update so that I can play the new Wolfenstein :smile:


Let’s hope Microsoft have mercy and re-implement their store into the next MS Server version… :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, we have our fingers crossed. I’d love to play Gears or Forza on LS.


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