GEFORCE NOW is on the way, watch out LS


NVIDIA is going to start doing what LS is catalog gaming for PC and MAC by March. Here's the clip:


According to another YouTube video they are setting the price at $25 for 20 hours. They are getting some negative feedback for this.


$25 for 20 hours, huh? I guess LS won't have to worry for a while. But it's good to see it's a competitive marketplace.


It will only allow pre-set games, Steam and such.
LS gives you a full desktop/VPS which is in your control 100%.


GeForce NOW for Mac and PC will be available in the continental U.S.

LS is global in comparison.


I think LS offers a very different service and like shiki said, LS is global :slight_smile:


LiquidSky is global and beyond global.:relaxed:


Yeah, I am a user of both services and I believe they both will be able to hit different markets and people, but I give LS their props for trying not to exclude anyone. I love their openness and flexibility. I hope both succeed.


GeForce is US only? This sucks pretty bad


No worries, the pricing is also very steep. So we didn't lose much.


LS needs our support against the huge financial muscle Nvidia has... Or it may end up buying LS, and freedom will be over

LS offers a full computer in the one you can bring games from whatever source you want. That's freedom.

I bet GEFORCE will FORCE you to buy only the games they offer on their own cataloge (at premium price)


pretty sure there are laws surrounding that type of process which would make it illegal e.g one company buying out another due to them being to much competition that is why such laws are in place to protect industries and keep it fair and even so I believe Ian would not sell LS just for the money he's put to much work into it to simply do that.


Not something as small as this, companies do it all the time. Onlive and Gaikai were both bought by Sony.

But I agree with your second part, I don't think they would sell out LS.


OnLive was making heavy losses. I think that had to do with the fact that their outreach was really small. But that was the main reason they had to sell, they went bankrupt like twice IIRC. It was only available in a select set of countries (or was it US only?). I was only able to play the trial, even with a VPN I was not able to sign up for the service.

Gaikai was more of an experimental technology. It was very sweet, it worked well, but they never planned on an OnLive/LS like streaming technology. They built something to sell. And it sold. That was Gaikai pretty much.

By the way you guys can use Amazon EC2/AZURE to play games (people on Reddit do this already), but this can be very pricey. These machines have better cards than the current LS, they can run The Witcher 3 on 1080p 60+ FPS solid. But yeah... you can only play a few hours before you have to cough up more cash money.


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I believe Geforce Now is a good thing for Liquidsky.
It should help protect them from any claims involving business monopolies...right?


LiquidSky ------------------------------------------------- Geforce Now for PC
LiquidSky -------- Geforce Now for Nvidia Shield


I think it was clear that the Idea behind LiquidSky will be grabbed by other companies.
Often good things got copied. But so you will get an alternative so you can compare prices etc.
So maybe it isnΒ΄t bad?


It is great for a consumer obviously, since a competition for companies appear


Geforce now is too expansive to be a threat for LS. For the moment the only thing that can make only french people change is the shadow from blade society wich grant you a full cloud computer for 30€ per month.


I'm surprised this is even a topic. There are so many reasons why Geforce NOW is NOT compettition. I'll list my top 4:

  1. Expensive - USD$25 for 10 hours (on the Geforce 1080)
  2. Crazy requirements -
    10 Megabits per second – Required broadband connection speed
    20 Megabits per second – Recommended for 720p 60 FPS quality
    50 Megabits per second – Recommended for 1080p 60 FPS quality
    < 60ms ping time to one of six NVIDIA datacenters world-wide

  3. Only 6 datacentres WORLDWIDE. Coupled with a ping time needed <60, alot of people are going to miss out.

  4. No server in Australia and unlikely to get one.

take a read of this kotaku article.