Get your first taste of the Brand New LiquidSky Tomorrow LIVE ON TWITCH!


Presenting our "State of the Sky" Address with CEO, Ian McLoughlin LIVE on Twitch!

Tune in Wedsnesday, 2/15/17 as LiquidSky CEO, Ian McLoughlin joins us on to showcase the Brand New LiquidSky!

Be prepared to learn how you can join LiquidSky in March, see the new LiquidSky in action and even a few Special SURPRISES for those who stick around!

The event starts at 5PM EST/2PM PST, So mark your calendars and don't miss out on this ground-breaking event!~

Find the event here on our Twitch:

Happy Gaming and See You in the Sky!



Can't wait till march, time seams to be dragging slowly! ahhh


Sweet. I will be watching hope there is much improvement in hardware


I hope you can upload the broadcast for those who can not see it live, like me.


I missed the last one becuse of time confusion.
So that's 10PM for us UK residents. Right?


it should archive automatically


They upload on YT a recaps of the show


1 AM for me. Guess I will be watching a recap too.


I should have registerd last time as I see now you can follow and get notifications of when it starts.
I would have uploaded it to Youtube too as it took a week last ime for LS to upload it. I think they will be faster this time though.


How do you register for Twitch events?


Guess this is lost to the ether. No archive on Twitter or recap on YouTube that I can find. Anyone have a like if it exists?


We still have 10 hours to go as of this post to the beginning of the stream.


*edit . Nevermind.

Typing more characters because the post is too short.


Only three hours left until we go live with the Brand New LiquidSky!!


Cannot wait :slight_smile: ......


Dammit, I'm gonna stay awake. Some extra coffee tomorrow morning, and I'll be fine. :wink:


hm that's not 7pm ET if you start in three hours from the time you posted this message....


LiquidSkyJustin posted at 1 PM and you add 3 hours which equals 4:00PM which is correct for me. I think these forums use your local time.


"State of the Sky Address" will be going LIVE in approx. 30 minutes!

Please tune in with us at 5:30PM EST as we give you the inside scoop on our upcoming Launch and showcase the Brand New LiquidSky!