Getting Crash when using nvidia gpu, but not with the integrated one


Hi guys , today i try the ls with my laptop using the nvidia gpu but apparently it crashed right when ls doing some benchmarking :frowning:
anyone has solution for this problem :confused:


I'm not a tech support, but I guess you should provide more info if you want to get assistance. At least an error code and exact circumstances.


i dont get any error code , the windows just closed when trying to do benchmarking then another windows popped out saying error reporting
i already tried sending the report but i need solution :frowning:


You must disable in Device Manager ---> HD Graphics . And to use the service with another graphics card if you have one.


uhh are you sure ?
that like disabling display on monitor isn't ?
if i do that on desktop pc maybe it will work but im on laptop, and if i messed this up i cant get my laptop to run at all


did you recently update your gpu's driver? often times it's because Nvidia release drivers and certain systems don't react nicely to it and you get BSOD's so some stick to certain drivers and some are able to upgrade without any issues.