Getting free Skycredits by watching an ad while using payed monthly plans


So here is my question. There will be new pricing plans available in March. Will it possible to purchase monthly plan let's say at 9.99$ and be able to earn some free Skycredits by watching an ad?
In other words if I by some Skycredits bying a monthly plan can I add to those credits by watching an ad?


Yes you can.


Confused about new pricing

That is really great. Thank you. And how many times a day there will be an opportunity to watch an ad?


like you earn 3 hours a day of sky credits to use once you watch all 3 hours you can't do more ads until next day you know what I mean?


Thanks. And just to be clear I can combine watching ads and earning credits and at the same time being a monthly plan subscriber. Right?


Yes you can have you monthly plan active and still get ad credits for 3 hours


That's really great. Thank you. LiquidSky team they are doing a really really good thing. They make a good thing. As Ian said they are giving everyone a chance to try. And it's trully wonderful.


Hello. When liquid sky will be out of beta to release?


between the 1st and 7th of March.


Hello. I see ad plan will be add in march. If i used ad plan support will answer to me


If my math is right I'll get 7.5K credits if I purchase monthly plan by 9.99$ right?


What does the new plan list say for how much credits you get ?


Ok so what I see is that they have not decided how much credits to give you each month for the 9.99 plan


Ok they must have removed that info but if I'm not wrong just a few days ago it was something like "up to 125 hours".
And there is one more question that's been bothering me. I live in Russia so does this fact changes something. I mean will I be able to watch ads and get free LS?


I live in USA so things are much different than your country/region you live at


How much different? Will there be different pricing plans, different amount of free skycredits, different amout of ad?


3 ads daily, each 6 minutes long for a maximum of 3 hours each day.


If we get to watch ads each day that would be awesome. And my guess is 3 hours on the weakest configuration.


Nothing different maybe payment currency where you live maybe it's euros or what ever your money is in Russia


I see and I don't think there will be any problem in this regard. There are a lot of currency exchange and online wallet systems available in Russia. And LS works with sberbank.