Ghost Recon Wildlands Issue


When I try to run the game I get this error popup, I ran the technical test on LiquidSky's high servers and when I'm using the ultra server I can even access the closed beta:/ help?


Same. No chance with this one. We have to wait for an upgrade. It is a shame, I was so excited.


God damn :confused: This was one of the reason I got the Unlimited package lol.


I understand. Madmurdock if you are reading this, do you know any workaround?
If anyone knows the way to launch that game, please provide us instructions.


Same here ... So sad ... Just hope LiquidSky accept to refund Skycredits.


After searching around seems this isn't a LiquidSky only issue, With people with GTX 960s, 1080s, 980ti's also running into this issue.


Hopefully my Beta key will come through this weekend.